Terms and Conditions

Please review the conditions

In the event of you not agreeing to the terms and conditions herein, please advise our office and we shall then cancel your membership.
Membership is open to natural persons only and is transferable.
To become a member of The Drive n Fly you need to apply in the manner specified by us and pay the applicable membership fee. On acceptance you are then a member and a membership card will be issued to you.
We reserve the right to refuse an application for membership and refund monies paid to us. If we accept your membership and fee a membership card will be sent to you. Though you are permitted to use the membership card during the period of your membership, the card remains our property and must be surrendered to us on membership coming to an end for whatever reason.
You must inform us immediately in the event of change of address or if your card is lost or stolen. We are not liable for any delay in replacing a membership card or for any unauthorized use of a membership card. There will be a fee of $20 for the replacement of a lost or stolen card.
Membership is for the period of 12 or 24 months (depending on membership type) from the date of being accepted as a member.
Members are able to renew their membership on-line by paying $45 as a renewal fee.
Your membership will entitle you to all the benefits provided by The Drive n Fly CARD. Benefits shall be subject to availability and conditions as specified by the participating businesses and you would need to satisfy any conditions that may be specified by the business in order to receive the relevant benefit/s. The participating business has the right to deny a booking if there is no availability. The participating businesses may also apply a surcharge for public holidays or peak periods. The participating businesses may offer a discount or special offer up to a specific value. Affiliates and/or affiliate discounts or special offers are subject to change without notice
By Benefits we mean the discounts and offer that participating businesses offer from time to time and which are subject to conditions that are imposed by such participating businesses.
Each participating business providing the Benefits identifies you as being eligible for the Benefit at their discretion when you provide your membership card or quote your membership identification number if you are making a transaction by phone or via the Internet.
We would not be liable for any benefit that a participating business offers not being available to you pursuant to your membership for any reason whatsoever. To the extent permitted by law we would not be liable for:
Any delay by or failure of a participating business to notify us of the details of a benefit
Failure by you to take advantage of a benefit due to non-compliance of the conditions (including limited time offers) specified by the participating business.
Participating businesses may cease to be participants of The Drive n Fly CARD from time to time. To the extent permitted by law we are not liable if you fail to receive a benefit due to the participating business ceasing to become a participant.
Any unauthorized transaction in relation to your membership should be notified to us immediately.
You would need to notify us in the event of any dispute relating to the benefits as soon as possible after you are aware of the dispute. We shall do our best to resolve the dispute.
We reserve the right to make changes and/or amend these terms and conditions at our absolute discretion. An attempt will be made to notify members of any changes made to the terms and conditions and the amended terms and conditions will be notified on our website and will be sufficient compliance for bringing such amended terms and conditions to the notice of the members.
You have a right to cancel this agreement within 10 business days from and including the day after you signed or received this agreement. The Drive n Fly CARD will not accept the Refund if you have simply changed your mind.
We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the reward programs at any time without prior notice and will not be liable for such termination or suspension for whatsoever reason including for any benefit a member could have received at the time of suspension/termination.
In the event of us suspending or terminating the program we shall refund membership fees on a prorate basis.
Information about members, including information in the application form and information about receipt of benefits by members will be held in our internal database which will contain information about you and your use of the membership.
We and our agents will only use the information from our database to manage and administer the The Drive n Fly CARD.
Each member consents and agrees to the provision of the information on the application form to The Drive n Fly CARD and authorizes us to store and use that information for the purposes stated in clause 22.
All conditions and warranties, whether express or implied and whether arising under statute or otherwise, as to the condition, suitability, quality, fitness or safety of any goods or services supplied under the program are expressly excluded to the full extent permitted b y law. Any liability we may have to a member under statute in respect of such goods and services, which cannot be excluded, is limited, where permitted, to:
Supplying or paying the cost of supplying, the goods or services again; or
Repairing, or paying the cost of repairing the goods; at our option.
A notice will be deemed to be given by us to a member if it is sent to the postal or email address of the member appearing in our database as notified by you on the application form.
Any tax, liability or duty arising from a member’s participation in the The Drive n Fly CARD is the responsibility of the member.